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Research project reports are listed alphabetically by project name. Earlier project reports for each study are listed immediately following the most current report. All reports are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some reports may take longer to open than others depending on file size and speed of your internet connection.

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Effects of industry on wolverine (Gulo gulo) ecology in the boreal forest of northern Alberta

2013/14 Field Season Report

Abundance and Distribution of Wolverine in the Kootenay Region

2013 Field Season Report: Purcell Mountains

Biomedical Protocol for Free-ranging Brown Bears, Gray Wolves, Wolverines and LynxProtocol Update for 2011

Wolverine Caching Behavior

-Jan 2014 Progress Report

Central Idaho Wolverine Winter Recreation Research Project

-Project Update: November 2013
Project Update: December 2012
Project Update: February 2012
Project Update: July 2011
Central Idaho Wolverine – Winter Recreation Research Project: Brochure

East Slopes Predator Project 2011‐12 Year‐end Report

Greater Yellowstone Wolverine Program
2009 Progress Report
2008 Update
2006-07 Update
2005-06 Update
2003-04 Report
2002 Report
2001 Report
2000 Report
1999 Report
1998 Report

North Cascades Wolverine Study
– 2013 Updates: January,April
– 2012 Updates: Winter, May, August
Annual Report 2012

The Swedish Wolverine ProjectWebsite

Wolverine Monitoring for the Juneau Access Improvement Project (Formerly listed as Berners Bay, Alaska Project)
2012 Final Report
Wolverine Population Ecology in Berners Bay, Alaska – 2008 Progress Report
Wolverine Population Ecology in Berners Bay, Alaska  – Study Plan

Wolverine Survey: Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, NE Oregon
Final Report 2012
Progress Report, September-October 2012
Project Information and Update Page
Progress Report, September-October 2012
Progress Report, April 2012
Final Report 2011
Study Plan, 2010